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when voices detach themselvesby gary lundy (poetry) ISBN 978-0-9896245-0-3


gary lundy and I have been talking about going into publishing together for almost two-decades. Please don’t tell us how young you were or that you weren’t even born then, we know. It’s been a long time. But we’re ready now. …is a rose press is about to take off.

gary’s book, when voices themselves detach, is entering the final stages. It will come out during the summer (2013).

Some of the back story

First, we had in mind doing a literary periodical. But we wanted to violate norms in ways that are difficult in print. We thought. We had conversations in person, by email, on various electronic forums we’ve joined together.

From the beginning others have been a part of the conversation. Others who had ideas about writing, publishing, experimenting, avant garde, post-modernism, post-postisms, all of that. I can’t name them all here. Thank you, though, each and every one.

Eventually, about a decade ago maybe, we started thinking about publishing books. Manuscripts from people we know whose work we appreciate and like. Yes, our own as well. And, eventually, if we do this right, we hope to open up to others.

We were going to call it “drowned skunk.” Or that name could have been a placeholder. It started with a few beers in Montana, walking back to gary’s.

In the stream in front of his house at the time (you had to cross a bridge to get to his front door), something white and black fluttered in the flow of the creek. It was dusk. We thought a skunk had drowned. Turns out it was a flyer that had blown into the water.

Turns out that drowning is a way to kill trapped skunks without getting sprayed. Or, if you search for “drowned skunk” on Google, that’s what comes up. A lot. Who knew so many people thought about drowned skunks?

Turns out, time passed before we did anything about the press. gary lived with me for a few months back in 2006, while on sabbatical. There he met my good friend, Valerie Déus. When we asked her to join our project, she agreed. As did gary’s good friend, Rebecca Knots. So, that’s a short version of how the four of us came to be the cooperative editorial board of something initially called “drowned skunk.”

None of us really liked that name so much, though. We brainstormed for a while. And then some more. Rebecca suggested the name we now have adopted, “is a rose” (more about the name). Later, perhaps she’ll post something on the blog about the name. We’ll probably include the information in “Our story….”

Our plan

We will begin by publishing our own books. Yes, we’re indie. Yes, it has the flavor of self-publishing. We think that’s okay in and of itself.

However, we also think it’s a good idea to work out the kinks and get an idea of what we’re doing in practice with our own books. We’ll be better prepared then, when we start inviting others. And have a track record. And books for people to see.

All of that.

Then we’ll invite people whose work we like, people we know, to submit.

Then, if it all goes well, we’ll open things up.

One step at a time.


All four of us have experience as writers, submitting, having work published and rejected. We have cumulative experience in various forms of publishing—from newspaper to magazines to literary journals to online. We’re poets. And educators. And readers. We have editing experience, layout experience, even some marketing experience. We hope it will work.

You can contact us with your thoughts, ideas, advice. But, for now, sorry, no unsolicited submissions.


Depth, transparency, and luminous ripples, photo ©2007 Michael Dickel

Depth, transparency, and luminous ripples — Photo ©2007 Michael Dickel